4 ways to optimise a positive workplace culture

Promoting a workplace culture which encourages employee empowerment, respect and plenty of growth opportunities is key to keeping your staff happy and your company growing.

FYLD has worked hard to develop a culture that is open, transparent, and empowers its people by providing career defining experiences, industry-leading benefits, employee care and learning opportunities. We are immensely proud to have a 5-star rating on Glassdoor, an independent website where current and former employees can anonymously review companies they have worked for.

FYLD’s 5-star Glassdoor rating highlights our ability to provide a strong and collaborative work environment. Here are a handful of tips we would recommend adopting into your workplace culture.

A ‘Health before Wealth’ approach

Encouraging an open-door policy – even if that is over Zoom! – is a beneficial tool for ensuring open communication channels – making sure everyone feels supported and able to discuss issues of all kinds.

One of our key principles is understanding that the satisfaction of employees is fundamental to business growth. By prioritising the wellbeing and support for our team at FYLD, the company is optimised for success. This has been reflected in our investment in a broad range of benefits – designed to be attractive to a diverse range of team members with something for everybody – from great health insurance coverage that includes mental wellbeing, through to financial support for reducing employees’ carbon footprint right through to insurance for our team’s pets.

Keeping our people up to date

Employee engagement is more than a strategy. It has fast become an integral and crucial part of company culture. When executed correctly, this can support explosive growth and engagement for a business. Encouraging staff to become more involved and engaged with the strategic vision of the company has received positive feedback at FYLD.

A recent survey confirmed the effectiveness of FYLD’s employee engagement efforts, finding that 100% of employees could see a clear link between their work and the company’s objectives – making them feel empowered to make proactive decisions.

A flexible structure that enables collaboration across teams

It’s important, across all industries, that staff feel empowered to collaborate across the business. The freedom to directly work with colleagues in different departments allows for improved productivity and encourages staff to be self-sufficient and confident in their own judgement.

FYLD’s culture of teamwork is tailored for the individual as well as the overall team. Encouraging self-organised, informal team structures has meant greater collaboration and accelerated growth.  We focus on collaboratively solving customer problems, with organisational structures coming second.

An eye to the future

Supporting the development of staff, by providing growth and progression opportunities, is crucial to capturing and retaining talented team members. By matching staff with relevant mentors based on their individual career goals and aspirations, FYLD makes sure there is always growth on the horizon for all employees.

Focusing on developing a strong company culture has allowed FYLD to have a team of highly motivated, ambitious employees who drive the company’s growth and technological developments.

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