5 things you need to know about AI risk management solutions

AI risk management solutions have the potential to revolutionise safety and productivity in field work. FYLD is pioneering this technology by enabling field teams to take video footage of the job site while talking through the hazards that are present or absent. The result is an AI-powered risk assessment and a digital platform for collaboration and evidencing of work.

FYLD is being used in multiple field force companies. This has provided insights into the perceptions about AI risk management solutions. Here are the five things you need to know about FYLD’s AI Visual Risk Assessment (VRA), and how it can transform fieldforce operations:

  1. Visual Risk Assessments save considerable time, while not compromising safety

The FYLD AI-enabled VRA uses video and audio input about the job site, which means that field teams are compelled to engage with the risks actually present rather than simply fill in pre-populated forms by rote. The AI recommendations are based on thousands of similar jobs and the input of safety professionals throughout the extensive testing process. Safety is not compromised, in fact, in deployments of FYLD our customers are achieving fewer incidents and injuries.

  1. FYLD isn’t just a digital form of the same paper-based risk assessments field teams have been doing for years

Today, field teams generally remain in their vans or site huts, filling out the risk assessment paperwork from past experience and provide stock standard answers, turning the process into a tick-box exercise that does little to enhance safety on site. With FYLD’s VRA, teams must walk out to their actual point of work to begin recording a video and audio of the hazards they see in front of them. This forced physical engagement with the job site immediately effects the behavioural psychology of the operatives through enhancing hazard perception, removing the complacency of repeating a routine paper-based task or simply answering yes to repeat set questions.

  1. FYLD is a tool built by fieldworkers, for fieldworkers

FYLD was built with expert input from safety professionals, fieldworkers, supervisors and managers. The focus of FYLD’s VRA is to achieve what a safety procedure should achieve: to eliminate health and safety incidents. FYLD achieves this outcome by improving the quality of risk assessments, using AI to identify hazards fieldworkers may not have noticed and providing real time remote visibility to remote supervisors and managers. With FYLD’s VRA, fieldworkers evidence their safety related activities and their work progress.

  1. FYLD allows fieldworkers to use digital apps on their phone, embracing digitalisation and the power of AI

FYLD uses the technology people are already using in their daily lives to enhance their work. The collaborative platform allows sharing of safety procedures, video, voice and photo evidence of work in progress and specialised input from safety professionals and managers at the moment it is needed. FYLD gives remote managers a digital window to the job site and therefore bridges the gap that physical distance creates.

  1. FYLD is a customisable, adaptable solution for fieldforces across a range of industries

FYLD is a bespoke AI solution tailored for each customer we work with. We customise the software to fit the work processes of the organisation rather than expect the organisation to adjust their processes to make use of the software. This happens through a process of collaboration, programming and testing before the system goes live in any new application.

AI risk management solutions are new to field force operations. Contact FYLD to find out more about the specific benefits of FYLD for your application and how our AI platform can contribute to improving the safety and productivity of your field teams.