Operations & Safety – Subject Matter Expert

Our Story

Utilities are under pressure, globally.  Regulators are demanding productivity, delivered safely.  Customers are expecting faster service and better reliability.  The shift to renewable energy sources and net zero emissions are accelerating.  However, many utilities are stuck in early stage digitisation, where paper processes were replaced with something digital – often a tick box form on a phone.

That’s where FYLD comes in.  We are reimagining utility field force operations from a data first perspective, putting actionable insights at the fingertips of field workers, their managers and operational leadership.  We track everything and focus on what matters.  By doing this, the organisations that we partner with unlock substantial safety and productivity gains.

The power of our platform comes from the way it was created – in partnership with SGN, the major UK-based natural and green gas distributor (they deliver gas to over 14 million homes and businesses in the UK).  FYLD was built by the field worker, for the field worker, in conjunction with our deep data science expertise.  It was built at world leading venture foundry BCGDV and is financially backed by leading global infrastructure investor Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.

Can you imagine a new world of field force operations, delivered safely, powered by data?

‍Because we can, and we are starting to bring this to life for our customers.  A world where the field operative with the right skills, arrives at the right job, with the right equipment and parts – at the right time.  Where scheduling is optimised for whole of organisation outcomes, not the silos utilities typically operate through.  Where there is a deep and accurate understanding of inventory and assets, and their impact on operational cashflows.

To be successful in building this new world, we are looking for a world class operations leader from a utilities background to join our team.

What you’ll be responsible for

This role will be pivotal to the success of many areas of our business, bringing deep utilities operational and HSE expertise in-house.  As it touches on many parts of the business, you’ll need to be a collaborator who is more interested in company outcomes than personal mandate.  You will act as thought leader and advisor to the business, and will ensure that our users are at the centre of our decision making – but at heart you will remain a ‘do-er’.  Your key responsibilities will include:

 Collaborating on our strategic and annual plans, analysing in depth the next phase of product development and bringing cutting edge utilities field operations thinking to these activities.  This will include understanding the competitive landscape we operate in (you don’t need this on Day 1, but it is something you will need to build knowledge of with the assistance of our BCG intern researcher)

 Partnering with our Commercial Leader on marketing collateral (including preparation of promotional materials and use case paper about the outcomes being achieved through the use of FYLD, along with the future of data led field operations) and sales qualification, proposals and ultimately converting leads into customers

 Partnering with our Customer Success & Growth Leader to ensure that after we make a sale, we successfully deploy FYLD to our new customers, and that we then grow our user base through deploying FYLD to a growing list of use cases and more users

 Being a key liaison point for SGN (our incubation partner, anchor customer and shareholder) as we partner on their data operations strategy and unlock new product features and functionality together

 Lead our relationships with key industry advisors to unlock new value for FYLD, including through translating advice into actionable steps we can take as a business toward new products and opportunities

 Presenting FYLD at industry conferences and training seminars – evangelism is key to this role and you’ll need to be comfortable being in the limelight.

To be successful, you will need:

● 10+ years experience in an operational management and safety leadership role at a UK based utility (gas or water is a bonus, but not a requirement)

● A self starter with a background in driving operations excellence in the management of human and financial resources in support of business targets

● A solid understanding of health and safety requirements for field operatives, with professional qualifications highly regarded

● A proven ability to take learnings from the field and implement both business and HSE policy and workflow changes to drive systemic change through an organisation. Having a track record of driving  projects that took outcomes in the field and translated them into an actionable dashboard for operational leadership will be highly regarded

● A mind for numbers, and be used taking action based on objective assessment and analysis linking to both HSE and business outcomes. We operate with a focus on data and it is how we will grow an AI business, it is also how we know which new concepts to invest in and which to kill if they are not driving user growth

● To be user centric and a real ‘do-er’. We are successful because we keep users at the centre of our design, are very analytical and take action quickly.  You will want to continue this journey and enjoy start-up ways of working (you don’t need to have experience of working at a start-up, but you do need to buy into the culture of being at one and be willing to roll up your sleeves and get stuff done)

● Value the different perspective that each team member can bring to FYLD.  We look for people who will bring something unique to our culture, while sharing our values – which include diversity and a commitment to an inclusive work environment.  We believe in the power of the team and we create value by doing, not talking.

Why become a FYLD’er?

‍Occasionally, the chance comes up to do something special.  We have a big vision for the data led transformation of utility field force operations and a plan to achieve it, along with the right partners to be successful.  And when we are successful – it will be career defining for all of us.  This provides a work environment that is collaborative, challenging and fun.  And we are still small enough that you can make a real difference by what you do each day.

Financially, we reward on target performance strongly.  The base salary for this role is attractive, there is an element of performance based pay along with participation in our employee equity plan.

But the benefits go well beyond that.  This is reflected in our 5* GlassDoor rating.  These benefits include a good number of days off to make sure you get down time and time with your family and friends.  We work flexibly, we invest in your learning and development (with a substantial annual allowance provided) and have a mentorship program with some of the great people who surround us.  And at the end of the day, we are confident that the experience you will have with us will change the trajectory of your career.

To apply, please email careers@fyld.ai