Data-based transformation with ROI in two weeks

Fieldwork operations have been slow to migrate to digital systems, with many organisations still using paper-based systems for point-of-work risk assessments and other steps in the execution phase of fieldwork.

Even when companies do digitalise, the change is not always an effective one. Often, the new system is an electronic version of the old one: at FYLD, we call it ‘digital paper.’ Instead of driving improvements, this partial move towards digital can often hamper data-led transformation. 

However, true data-based tools such as FYLD can transform fieldwork operations, providing a step change in safety and productivity performance with an attractive return on investment.

FYLD’s solution through data-based transformation

FYLD powers productivity and safety in the field, powered by AI. It provides complete visibility of field jobs in real time. The collaborative platform allows remote supervisors to engage with site surveys – including through our innovative visual risk assessments (VRAs) – and their on-site team before work begins. Field teams can capture job blocker information as well as record site conditions using photo and video evidence during the job and at the end-of-work.

Substantial productivity and safety benefits are accessible immediately through real-time visibility and changed behaviour. This happens as remote managers shift, often in just a few weeks, from reactive to proactive behaviours, and field teams evidence their work in real time. 

Other benefits are accessible through analysis of data collected over time, enabling organisations to solve systemic problems. Data-based solutions enable forward planning that would not be possible using paper-based approaches. 

Since the end of June 2022, FYLD has helped customers to transform and to power productivity, safety and efficiency in the field in the following ways:

  • Over 100,000 VRAs carried out, with 92.5% of these reviewed by remote managers
  • 1.2 million hazards and 2.1 million controls identified
  • Nearly 35,000 messages sent internally within FYLD’s platform, demonstrating effective in-app communication
  • Over 4,500 job blockers – largely a lack of tools or materials – identified and reported

Digital transformation that drives 6x ROI and more

New customers have achieved an average 6x ROI during six-week trials of the FYLD platform, with the potential to realise even more benefits. User engagement strategies and the introduction of new features can unlock more value for end-users with the potential of 10x ROI and higher.

As well as this incredible cost efficiency, further benefits of engaging with FYLD’s platform are:

  • Site survey efficiency improvements, saving working hours whilst improving safety
  • Evidencing of end-of-work site conditions, saving fines
  • Time efficiencies using the collaborative features across departments, saving working hours
  • Reduction in site lists, saving supervisor work hours
  • Remote supervision of job progress stops mistakes being made on site, rework and wasted materials

Contact FYLD to learn more about how our AI-powered technology can help you make a step change in your fieldforce productivity and safety.