Driving digital transformation through data capture

Data is the driving force behind digital transformation. The more sophisticated utilities are in capturing and using data, the greater its impact will be.

The need to capture data is nothing new. It’s played a critical role in the utilities industry for decades, from help with determining risk to predicting demand, as well as optimising efficiency across all areas of operations.

In our technology-driven era, utilities must rely on data as a vital source of truth now more than ever, as it underpins decisions that are becoming increasingly automated. But as new technology solutions come onstream, promising a new dawn of fully automated, agile and precise operations, the quality of the underlying data must also be subjected to higher standards of scrutiny.

Simply put, the way that data is captured, structured and analysed is fundamental for ensuring the reliability of the technologies that make use of it.

We discuss how crucial high-quality data capture is for businesses in order to thrive from digital transformation.

Driving Digital Transformation through data capture

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