FYLD breaks new ground in the Americas

FYLD’s breakthrough technology for the productivity and safety of field teams is generating a global momentum that extends to the Americas. After several successes and exponential growth in the UK and Europe, we now have live implementations across the Atlantic.

Our collaborative platform enables continuous interaction between field teams and remote supervisors, achieving real time communication, even across time zones.

Universally, FYLD records job blockers for productivity analysis and improvement, and captures end-of-work conditions with video and photo evidence. Across a variety of sectors, all these features contribute to more efficient service and lower customer complaints and fines.

We’ve outlined how our journey in the Americas has kicked off below…

Live projects in the Americas

FYLD has launched in the USA in conjunction with Ferrovial Construction, part of global company Ferrovial.

FYLD is implemented in the North Tarrant Infrastructure Project in Fort Worth and at AlamoNEX in San Antonio. You can find out more from Ferrovial Construction Superintendent Chad Reynolds in this video.

Launching just four months ago on the NTI Fort Worth site, Ferrovial Construction is already seeing real results, including:

  • Over 1,350 Job Hazard Analysis (JHAs) risk assessments completed since going live
  • An average of 15 minutes saved per JHA, equating to 20,250 minutes back on the tools
  • Over 10,000+ hazards identified and 42,000 control measures recommended to the field force

FYLD’s AI-driven digital safety risk assessment platform offers complete visibility of field jobs in real-time – perfect for the construction sector.

Fieldworkers record a video assessment of their job while speaking about the hazards and our AI engine then develops a risk assessment listing the risks and suggested control measures. Remote managers can sign off this risk assessment before work begins, creating an opportunity to add to the recommendations. The whole process typically takes 80% less time than a traditional paper-based system.

Further activity and expansion…

There are also several major proof of concept projects underway in the Americas, which should develop into live projects soon. Our work with IDEAL in Mexico is particularly exciting because this company is part of our investor’s, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP), portfolio.

OTPP created Koru, a ground-breaking venture foundry that builds new business models, experiences, and technologies to drive disruptive growth for their portfolio companies. We recently attended Koru’s Latin America Hack-a-Future event to judge OTPP portfolio company pitches, with the goal of delivering value to the utilities industry.

As a company born out of a similar event run by Koru and BCG Digital Ventures, we were delighted to be a part of this inspiring event and meet senior leaders from the portfolio companies. More than 20 disruptive ideas were generated, which may soon impact key Latin American markets.

Coming up, we are targeting businesses in the construction and utilities industries this side of the world. We also have proof and concept projects in Chile and Canada launching soon. FYLD expects to move from proof of concept to live projects in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil in the next six months.

Global footprint

As our global footprint grows, FYLD intends to establish offices in new locations. We will be creating a permanent presence in all geographies where our user base reaches a critical mass. This will hopefully soon include several offices across the Americas.

Scott Broadley has been appointed as FYLD’s New Growth Director, and he will be driving the expansion program in the region. After serving as the Customer Success and Growth Lead for several years, it is great to see Scott step into this new global role. He commented: “I am passionate about leveraging technology to solve business problems – so it’s exciting to be bringing FYLD’s technology to the Americas market and help provide solutions for workforces across construction, utilities and manufacturing industries.”

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