International Women’s Day – how FYLD is #BreakingTheBias

International Women’s Day (IWD) provides the perfect opportunity to reflect and appreciate the inspiring women that are part of Team FYLD. We’re proud to have a diverse workforce, comprising highly skilled female professionals disrupting the technology sector.

Despite the surging demand for AI, research suggests women are underrepresented in the workforce, only accounting for 26% of workers in data and AI positions.

A similar trend can be found among our customers and partners in the utilities sector. The IEA reports that women in senior roles in this sector are at 17.1% overall, with electric utilities and independent power plants at 16.5%, natural gas utilities at 18%, and multiline utilities at 20.3%.

This year’s IWD theme, ‘Break the Bias’, is something we are passionate about, for FYLD, our customers and the industry. By using best practices, such as blind reviewing CVs, we ensure an unbiased pool of candidates, guaranteeing the best candidate for a role is chosen based on merit, not gender.

FYLD has grown an incredibly diverse team as a result. Here’s a sample of our team commenting on what it means to then to be part of Team FYLD…

Tracey McIntyre, Director of Operational Transformation and Productivity

“As a 50-year woman from a traditional engineering background, FYLD has enabled me to embrace a change in my professional direction – without any preconceived ideas or bias – encouraging me to move into an unfamiliar role in the start-up world. True equality comes when you see past traditional stereotypes and look at the person.”

Yulia Lamonova, Product Manager

“FYLD hires people who are incredibly diverse in terms of culture, education, previous industry experience, age, life stage, etc. but share the values of kindness, collaboration, and ambition. FYLD empowers its people to achieve challenging goals. We have no chance not to flourish in such an environment.”

Carol Moore, Lead Health & Safety Manager

“For me personally, I feel FYLD lead the way in breaking the bias of ageism. FYLD is a young, diverse company with an energetic team from many different countries, so to have a 60+ year old health and safety manager (quite a traditional profession) work with them bucks the trend I would say!”

Our CEO and Leader, Shelley Copsey, discusses how the AI industry can #BreakTheBias, how FYLD is forging gender quality and how to encourage more women to join traditionally male dominated sectors of energy and technology. Watch below: