Meet Emma Lander, Data Analyst

Meet our Data Analyst, Emma Lander. We sat down with Emma to discuss her role at FYLD, how great data earns trust in the utilities industry, and how FYLD battles the challenges of being a unique start-up…

What first interested you in pursuing a career as a data analyst?

I’ve always liked numbers. In school I enjoyed working with statistics and data, so from a young age I had an idea of what interested me. After graduating with a degree in Mathematics, everyone thought I’d pursue a career in accounting but I had my heart set elsewhere.

I knew I wanted to work with data – I felt it involved more creativity and I found it so rewarding. My job with FYLD is to turn data into information: finding the little nuggets of information that you know may help someone in a big way is really satisfying.

Advances in technology, particularly in relation to AI which fires the engine room of the FYLD platform, have opened up so many possibilities for people who work with data. It’s a very exciting time and the potential for the future is huge.

What excites you most about your role as a data analyst at FYLD?

For me, it’s the people as they make it a great place to be. Everyone here talks about their individual and company goals with such passion and devotion. I think in relatively small companies like FYLD, the relationships in the team are stronger.

I would also say the technology that we use because it’s innovative and unique and makes my job so interesting. Every day is different.

What are your key responsibilities and top priorities to make sure productivity benefits continue for FYLD users?

My job is to put important data and information into the hands of people who make critical decisions about safety, people and operations. The importance of keeping people safe while they are at work really resonates with me, so I understand that providing people with the correct data is a huge responsibility. Data changes constantly, so it’s imperative that our customers have the most up-to-date information.

My role is also important in FYLD’s exposure. We can use our data to help people see the benefit of using FYLD and gain trust. With the right data, we can provide the evidence for FYLD’s success.

Can you tell us a little bit more about how FYLD has supported your career journey and helped you to develop your skills?

FYLD is incredibly supportive with personal development and learning, whether it’s through training or in the day-to-day role. From a technical aspect, using the technology and software has improved my skillset massively and working with a close-knit team I’ve been able to develop my communication skills.

I’m given regular feedback which is essential for growth. Having been in this line of work for many years I know what I can do well, but I always seek ways to improve. With this consistent feedback, I can continue to better myself, which ultimately helps FYLD grow too.

In a wider industry context, what do you consider to be the biggest challenges the digitalisation and AI sectors face? How is FYLD tackling these issues?

Gaining trust is the hardest challenge. People are naturally apprehensive of new technology and can be reluctant to try something new. It’s our job to explain the process and get them on board, and help them to overcome the fear of the unknown. We’ve been able to successfully present our data to back up the benefits of using FYLD. The data underpins everything, and the exciting thing for us is that the data becomes more powerful as time goes on.

FYLD is an innovative platform, and a terrific product which is making a real difference for fieldworkers across so many sectors. However, it takes dedication and hard work to turn that idea into something that works. The strides FYLD has taken over the past few years reflects how determined we are to help our customers.

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