Meet Rebecca Price, Operations Expert

Meet our Operations Expert, Rebecca Price. We caught up with Rebecca to discuss how operational efficiency and safety for field teams can be implemented in a safe and efficient way, using AI and smooth processes…

Meet Rebecca Price, Operations Expert at FYLD

What attracted you to the position at FYLD?

I knew as soon as I saw FYLD’s AI-powered solution that it could boost safety and improve productivity – a true game changer. I could tell from my experience as an Operations Manager that this would reduce so many of the incidents in the workplace which were caused by complacency.

I was also attracted to the start-up structure of the business – having direct access to brilliant brains who can make your ideas a reality, guided closely by the executive team, excites me – there isn’t room to be anonymous.

As an Operations Expert, what are your priorities?

Understanding our clients to make sure we can integrate FYLD into their teams as smoothly as possible, to enable them to get the reduction in safety incidents and improvements to productivity.  When this is done, expanding to further teams is key. Sometimes this involves some tweaking by the product development team and it’s my job to ensure we fully understand the clients’ requirements. 

How important is a slick implementation of tech for field workers?

So important – facilitating a smooth transformation journey and managing business change through trial to integration is the backbone for the longevity of a product being adopted. 

Creating the path of least resistance for transition and implementation is a crucial step – forming that blueprint for growth is key!

I love innovation and creating processes from scratch. Everything from implementing new teams, to business changes and the process creation experience. Practicality, productivity, and safety are at the heart of our technology.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges that the digital transformation and AI industries face?

Field operatives are extremely skilled in their trades, but a large percentage of the teams we work with are not used to rapid change. Productivity is of the greatest urgency, meaning room for innovation and change is sparse.

How people feel towards their job is an important consideration when implementing a change of process or new tech – the digital changes AI brings needs to be considered as a major evolution of work, and as such, respect the existing workforce that we’re keeping safe.

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