Meet the Team – Daniel Meszaros

We caught up with our Principal Software Engineer, Daniel Meszaros, to learn more about his studies, what excites him most about developing FYLD’s software, and his thoughts on the future tech adoption of the utilities industry…

What excites you most about your career and the industry you work in?

Because of the nature of the utilities industry, we at FYLD have a challenging yet very rewarding task in implementing an adoptable, digital solution in an industry where it has been historically challenging because of regulatory and safety factors and the continued over reliance on paper as the world has gone digital.

What’s always excited me is the process of creating digital products that seamlessly fit into everyday life – which FYLD does, given we built it in collaboration with fieldworkers. We are further developing predictive analytics, based on all the data and knowledge we have acquired so far, which will form the next big step for FYLD and increase the benefits our customers achieve.

You’ve recently been promoted to Principal Software Engineer at FYLD – congratulations! What would you like to achieve in this role?

Put simply, I’m focused on maintaining and increasing the reliability and performance of our software. Primarily, my role concentrates on the day-to-day running, detailed design and operational stability of our frontend and backend technologies. In the future, I am excited to increase our predictive analytics capabilities even further, and implement the most innovative updates.

As we scale up our userbase, these technologies are going to be put under increased pressure to perform. It’s crucial that our software is highly robust, resilient, and reliable.

One of my key objectives is to ensure the sustainable development of FYLD, so we can have a clean and maintainable codebase. Future-proofing the software for upcoming developments will mean our customers receive a streamlined, unrivalled service that they can trust.

You’ve recently been studying for your Technology Management MSc at UCL – how have you implemented your learnings into your role at FYLD?

It’s been a great experience! When developing software, I’m now always considering the big picture – what we’re building and why. This wider view of business and project objectives informs the software ideation phase and helps to manage any risk. We can build in any contingencies or features which may benefit future upgrades.

I learned a lot about sustainable technology strategy and risk, reliability and resilience. I use these skills to add value and to increase reliability to our product processes. Having one eye on the future developments creates a great foundation for technology strategy. Reliability stretches beyond software!

Are there elements of FYLD’s tech that you are eager to develop or explore more? What are the key trends FYLD is looking to adopt?

We are currently focused on scaling, so our primary activity is ensuring that customer feedback is rapidly incorporated into our product, as well as optimising reliability and performance with our current features. Harnessing a live view in which we can predict hazards based on accrued data will be massively beneficial to our customers and the utilities industry as a collective.

How do you approach the crucial relationships FYLD has with its customers?

Our customers are at the centre of what we do at FYLD. We adopt cutting edge tech while creating a top-tier user experience.

FYLD is for fieldworkers, by fieldworkers. Most of our team have extensive field experience and we are building the product based on their knowledge alongside the customer feedback we receive.

We regularly interact with our userbase to gather feedback to build and improve features. In my eyes, everything we do is to improve processes – and therefore the safety and productivity – of the workers who use FYLD.