Milestone achievement for AI-powered platform FYLD with 100 companies onboarded after just 1 year

FYLD, the AI-powered digital platform that enhances the safety and productivity of fieldworkers, has reached a milestone achievement in its growth by embedding the platform in 100 companies following one year of commercial trading.

The pioneering start-up has helped companies across the UK, US and the Americas to unlock safer, greener and more efficient operations in hazardous sectors such as gas, electricity, water, highways and construction. As FYLD prepares to embark on its Series B round of fund-raising, it plans further growth by extending its global reach in new international markets.

Karl Simons OBE, Chief Futurist at FYLD, said: “To reach 100 global companies after our first year of commercial trading is a phenomenal achievement, and one of which we are all incredibly proud. It speaks to the incredible cutting-edge solution that is now taking so many sectors by storm.

“FYLD has been a success because the platform’s unique capabilities match what users in dangerous environments need. We’re not only helping field force teams to stay safe; we’re walking alongside companies as they take steps to digitally transform their organisations with sustainable solutions that promote efficiency and increase productivity.”

FYLD was launched in 2019 and started trading in 2021 with the aim of using digital, AI-powered technology to help fieldworkers in safety-critical sectors stay out of harm’s way while boosting productivity.

Revolutionary features such as real-time video risk assessments enable fieldworkers to identify hazards along with potential productivity blockers such as inadequate safety barriers or incomplete permits. This unlocks myriad of operational benefits, including real-time site visibility, elimination of paper-based forms and reduced requirements for site visits.

FYLD’s success to date is largely down to buy-in at fieldworker level, with end users seeing it as tool that can address and remove day-to-day frustrations. Typically, organisations see take-up of 90% across the workforce within two weeks of the platform going live.

Over the past year, FYLD has enabled users to identify over 1.2 million hazards – 63,000 of them categorised as high-risk – and 2.1 million controls to manage those hazards. Fieldworkers were also able to classify more than 4,500 blockers which could potentially delay or halt work on site.

Karl added: “FYLD is an exceptional platform, and it is backed up by a diligent and dedicated team working in the background who are ensuring fieldworkers they have never met stay safe at work and return home to their families at the end of each day.

“We’re already ahead of the game through innovations such as the creation of bespoke environments for individual companies and the digital onboarding of new users. FYLD’s potential is huge and we have only scratched the surface; this game changing technology will continue to transform fieldforce management and evolve alongside the industry’s biggest challenges.”