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FYLDPlatform Privacy Notice We are FyldLimited (referred to as "Fyld","we", "us" and "our"). Weprovide the Fyld mobile application, Web application, and backend applicationsand infrastructure website dashboard ( app (our "Platform") toyour company You may be anemployee, contractor, worker, or other staff member of your Company (or of acontractor to the Company) who has been given access to the Fyld Platform. YourCompany decides which of the individuals working for them should or should notget access to the Fyld Platform. In this Privacy andCookies Notice ("Notice")for the Fyld Platform, weexplain who we are, why and how we collect, store and use (together,process or processing)your personal information (also referred to as personal data), your rights and how to contact us.YOUR COMPANY'S ROLEYour Company is the data controller in respect ofyour personal information. This means thatwhen we use your personal data, we do so on your Company's behalf and they tellus how and why to use it. If you have anyquestions about how Fyld processes your personal information, please contactyour Company.FYLD'S ROLEFyld is the data processor of the personal information processed inrelation to this Notice (except where this Notice explains otherwise). We also use someinformation from the Fyld Platform to improve our service and Platformfeatures, and when we do this Fyld is thedata controller (rather than your Company). We explain more about this below. If you havequestions about how we use your personal information to improve our service andfeatures, please contact us.Pleaseread this Privacy Notice carefullyContents1...... What information does Fyld process?2...... Why and how does Fyld useyour information?3...... Who we share your personal information with4...... Where does Fyld store your information?5...... How does Fyld protect your information?6...... External Sites7...... How long does Fyld keep your information?8...... Your rights9...... When did Fyld last update this notice?10.... Contact us11.... Cookies 1.             What information does Fyld process? We collect information from you, from your Company and automaticallyvia the Fyld Platform. We explain what categories of information wecollect (and how) in thissection, and what we do with each of the categoriesin the next section. 1.1          INFORMATION YOUR COMPANY PROVIDES US WITHWhen your Companyuses Fyld, they will appoint authorised Company user(s) who can create Fylduser accounts.  If your Companywould like you to use our Platform, they'll provide the following personalinformation about you:  ·      Account information: full name, company email address, company phone number, role(e.g. Field Operative, Team Manager). Depending on your relationshipwith the Company, the Company authorised user(s) may use your work and/orpersonal contact information.  It is important that your personalinformation is accurate and current. Please keep your Company updated if thisinformation changes. You will receive aunique referral link from your Company. This will enable you to download anduse Fyld. PLEASE ENSURE YOU KEEP YOUR UNIQUEREFERRAL LINK OR OTHER ID NUMBER PRIVATE, AND DO NOT SHARE IT 1.2          INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE US WITHAccount informationWhen you clickyour unique referral link to use the Platform, your account will already havebeen created by your Company. You'll be askedto create a password for your account, which will be part of your Account information.Contact & Media information When you interactwith Fyld (for example, using the Fyld Platform to record video, or sending usan e-mail), we collect the following types of personal information:·      Contactdetails: including name,phone number(s) and e-mail address (if we don't have them from your Companyalready, or any social media handle used to connect with our customer serviceteam. ·      Media: if you use Fyld to take photos, recordaudio or record video and you are in these photos/recordings – for example,because you've filmed yourself explaining a technical issue to send to yoursupervisor – then we may hold still images, audio/and or video recording ofyou. This includes any notes you make about the media, and any media metadata(like time & datestamp or geotagged location). 1.3          INFORMATION FROM THIRD PARTIES We do not receiveyour information from any other third parties.  We or your Companywill inform you via this Notice (or at the time) if and when we receiveinformation about you from third parties, and explain how and why we or yourCompany intends to use that information. 1.4          INFORMATION WE AUTOMATICALLY COLLECTWe collect·       Technicalinformation, ·       Information about your visit , and ·       Location data. ·      Technical information may include:o  phonenumbero  InternetProtocol (IP) addresso  logininformationo  browsertype and versiono  browserplug-in types and versionso  deviceIDso  GoogleID/email address o  timezone settingo  operatingsystem and platformo  hardwareversiono  devicesettings (e.g. language and time zone)o  file& software names and types (associated with your device and/or the FyldPlatform)o  battery& signal strengtho  informationrelating to your mobile operator or Internet Service Provider (ISP) ·      Information about your visit may includeo  fullUniform Resource Locators (URLs)o  pageresponse times & download errorso  pageinteraction data (including data relating to scrolling, clicks, length andfrequency of visits, type of content engaged with, and mouse-overs)o  methodsused to browse away from a pageo  trackingpixel data about how you engage with emails (when an email is opened, how longit is open for, and when it is deleted). ·      Location data will include specific geographic locations(such as through GPS, Bluetooth, or WiFi signals) which we use (if you ask orpermit us to), so that we can deliver content, or other Fyld Platform featuresthat are dependent on knowing where you are, like nearby jobs, location ofhistorical evidence, and location at job creation. It may include post codes.  Delivery of your location toFyld will involve us checking any of the following:o  your coordinates (latitude, longitude, andaltitude), speed, and bearing, each of which may includecomplimentary pieces of meta-data (e.g. the time your location is logged, theaccuracy of a given location reading, and the name of the service providingyour location-data); and/oro  thecountry you are in when you use Fyld (which is done by referencing your current IP address against publicsources). We do not continuously monitor yourlocation. We will only use location data when you are using our Platform, andwe will only collect a location point if you request certain content on thePlatfom (for example, searching for or creating a job, or capturing anduploading Media). Remember, you are always free to opt-in or opt-out of location sharing. Certain features maynot work if you opt-out of location sharing. Your Company may request that youkeep it on, for example to ensure that videos of sites can be geo-tagged. 1.5          What device permissions does Fyld use?You may provide uswith the certain device permissions if you use our Platform on a mobile device. ·      Photo Library Usage: Photo Libraryaccess is required to enable you to save media to your phone·       Camera: Camera access isrequired if you record media via the Fyld Platform·      Calendars & Reminders: Calendar access is required to sync yourdevice calendar with your work schedule; this forms part of your accountinformation Location Permission: Location permission is required to help you locate and track     relevant job sites Device Storage and file access: Local storage and file access permissions including access to add     and remove files specific to Fyld·      Push Notifications: Permission to send push messagenotifications and alerts            2.             Why and how does Fyld use your information?This sectionexplains why and how Fyld uses each category of personal information.  We primarily processyour personal information under our agreement with your Company. Your Companyis responsible for deciding how it uses Fyld, and for the underlying legalreason (called a 'lawful basis') for its purposes. Please contact your Companyif you'd like more information about this.  2.1          We use your Account and Contact & Mediainformation on behalf of your Company: ·      to registeryou as a new user of Fyld ·      to perform our contract with your Company and manage our relationship with you (aspart of our agreement with your Company), includingo  administeringyour account with us, o  storingyour personal information,o  providingour services to you, o  providingyou with technical support,o  notifyingyou about changes to our terms or Privacy Noticeo   notifying you of any changes to our service,and providing information to you which you have requested. We do this onyour Company's behalf. Your Company decides the legal reason they're using thisinformation.  2.2          We use your Account, Contact & Media andAutomatically collected information to run our Platform: ·      To administerthe Fyld Platform and for internal operations, including troubleshooting,data analysis, testing, research, statistical and survey purposes.·      To improvethe Fyld Platform to ensurethat content is presented in the most effective manner for you and for yourcomputer.·      To keepthe Fyld Platform safe and secure. We do this in our legitimateinterests.  2.3          We also use your Account, Contact & Mediaand Automatically collected information to learn how our Platform could bebetter and improve it, and we share some aggregate information: ·      We also anonymise and aggregate Account, Mediaand Automatically Collected Information, and we use aggregated information(such as statistical data) to create improve the Fyld Platform, includingtraining our algorithms to get better at things like assessing on-site issues,and to help us develop new products and improve our services. ·      We may provide the aggregated data to ourinvestors/shareholders or other third parties in exchange for access to theproducts or services that they provide, to promote our services, or to generateother revenue.Where suchaggregate information is derived from your personal data we will ensure thatyour personal data is removed so that you cannot be re-identified fromaggregate information retained or used for these purposes. While ouranonymisation and aggregation of data is based on our legitimate interest indeveloping and improving our services, you may let us know if you would preferwe do not use your data for this purpose. This will not affect any data whichhas already been anonymised, but we can stop using your personal data for thispurpose going forward. Please contact us at if you would like to ask about your data not being used to improveFyld.We do this inour legitimate interests. 2.4          Legal bases explained Consent: We do not rely on consent to process     your personal information.  Contract: We collect, store and process your     personal information where it is necessary for performing a contract you     have with us (such as our Fyld Platform Terms and Conditions[1] ), or where you have asked us to take     specific steps before entering into that contract. Legal Obligation: We may need to process your personal     information to comply with our legal obligations, including under     applicable local, UK and EU law, and/or any court orders. Legitimate interests: processing your data is necessary for     our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party,     provided those interests are not outweighed by your rights and interests.  Our legitimate interests are:o  Complyingwith our agreement with your Company.o  Enforcingor applying our terms or other agreements with you.o  Gaininginsights on how you use our Fyld and our services.o  Delivering,developing and improving Fyld and our services, including the effectiveness ofour machine learning featureso  Growingour business and informing our marketing strategy.o  Keepingour records updated and studying how customers use our products/services.o  ImprovingFyld and data security. In each case, these legitimate interests are only valid if they are notoutweighed by your rights and interests. If you would like further informationabout how we assess our legitimate interests, please contact us at  We also use different types of cookies (including automaticallycollected information) on Fyld with your consent– we explain this in the Cookies section. 3.             Who we share your personal information withWe may share yourpersonal information with: ·       Any member of our company group, which means our ultimateholding company and its subsidiaries, and/or our subsidiaries who may supportour processing of personal information under this Notice. If any of theseparties are using your information for direct marketing purposes, we will onlytransfer the information to them for that purpose with your prior consent.·       Appropriate third parties includingo  our businesspartners, suppliers or sub-contractors which support the performance of anycontract we enter into or other dealings we have in the normal course ofbusiness with your Company. Our service providers, who support us in  processing your personal information, in accordance with data protection law.  This includes: ·        technology providers who support the services  we offer to your Company, for example, by hosting websites, storing data, or  providing IT support services; and ·        companies that help us distribute any  communications we send, update marketing lists, facilitate feedback on our  services and/or the electronic signing of documents.These  organisations (which may include third party suppliers, agents,  sub-contractors and/or other companies in our group) will only use your  information to the extent necessary to perform their support functions. Business  partners who also provide  services to you and are interested in accessing the output of our services  (e.g. aggregated and anonymised information, statistics and reports). These  business partners act as data controllers, and we will only share your  individual personal data with them when you would like us to do so. o  our regulators, in the event we need tocomply with our applicable legal obligations; o  analytics and search engine providers that assist us in the improvement andoptimisation of Fyld [and subject to the Cookie section ofthis Notice]; o  our auditors, legal advisors and otherprofessional advisors; and o  anyone who you give us explicit permissionto share it with. We will not sell orrent individual personal information to other organisations without yourconsent. We will disclose yourpersonal information to third parties if we buy or sell part of our (oranother) business, or if we are required to do so in order to comply with alegal obligation.·       In the event that wesell or buy any business or assets, in which case we will disclose yourpersonal information to the prospective seller or buyer of such business orassets subject to the terms of this Notice.·       If Fyld orsubstantially all of its assets are acquired by a third party, in which casepersonal information held by it about its clients will be one of thetransferred assets.·       If we are under a dutyto disclose or share your personal information in order to comply with anylegal obligation, or in order to enforce or apply our terms of service or otheragreements with you; or to protect the rights, property, or safety of Fyld, ourclients, or others. This includes exchanging information with other companiesand organisations for the purposes of fraud protection and credit riskreduction and to prevent cybercrime. 4.             Where does Fyld store your information?Fyld is based inthe UK.  We may transfer your personal information outside the EEA in order to store it in order to enable     us to provide the Fyld Platform to     you and fulfil our contract with your Company where we are legally required to do so in order to facilitate the operation of our group     of businesses, where it is in our legitimate interests and we have     concluded these are not overridden by your rights. We transfer your information our partners abroad, including to theorganisations listed below. For a full, current list of who we share yourpersonal data with internationally, please contact us at
‍Google LLC  in the USA, under ‍‍Privacy Shield

‍Facebook, Inc. in the USA, under ‍Privacy Shield

‍LinkedIn Corporation inthe USA, under ‍Privacy Shield

‍Amazon Web Services, Inc. in theUSA, under ‍Privacy Shield

‍Amplitude in the USA, under Privacy Shield

‍, Inc ‍ in the USA, under Privacy Shield

SurveyMonkey Inc. in the USA, under Privacy Shield

‍Intercom, Inc. ‍ in the USA, under Privacy Shield

HubSpot, Inc.Customer relatonship management in the USA,under Privacy Shield

‍MailChimp‍ in the USA, under Privacy Shield

Slack Technologies, Inc. in the USA, under Privacy Shield and Standard Contractual Clauses
5.             How doesFyld protect your information? All information you provide to us is stored onour servers. Our platform uses secure end-to-end encryption to protect your information. Allconnections into our platform are secured using industry standard security andencryption. All data we capture is stored in secured databases and data storagesystems with strict access limitations. All data access requests are logged andmonitored in accordance with any threat detection policies. All data we collecton behalf of your company is treated as confidential.Unfortunately, the transmission of informationvia the internet is not completely secure. We do our best to protect your personalinformation, but we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to Fyld;any transmission is at your own risk. Once we have received your information,we use strict procedures and security features to try to prevent unauthorisedaccess. We recommend using a unique, strong passwordfor your Fyld account and making sure you keep your password confidential.6.             External SitesFyld may, from time to time, contain links to external sites. If youfollow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites havetheir own privacy policies. Fyld does not accept any responsibility orliability for these policies or any content on external sites and does notnecessarily endorse the views expressed within them. Fyld has no control overthe availability of any of these websites. Please check each site's policiesbefore you submit any personal information to these websites. 7.             Howlong does Fyld keep your information?Where you have an account with us, we will hold your personalinformation for so long as you have your account with us in order to meet ourcontractual obligations to your Company, and for 6 years after that to identifyany issues and resolve any legal proceedings. (We may retain your personal datafor a longer period in the event of a complaint, if we reasonably believe thereis a prospect of legal proceedings, or we are aware of pending or ongoing legalproceedings.) In some circumstances, we may keep data longer if applicable law says wehave to.  We otherwise process personal information only for so long as it isnecessary for the purpose(s) for which it was originally collected and inaccordance with our agreement with your Company, after which it will be deletedor archived unless otherwise required by applicable law].  In some circumstances we will anonymise your personal data (so that itcan no longer be associated with you and you cannot be re-identified). Thisanonymised data (for example, aggregated statistics) is no longer personaldata, and we may keep and use this anonymised information indefinitely withoutfurther notice to you, to help us provide, develop and improve our services. 8.             YourrightsUnderdata protection law, you have a number of rights in respect of your personalinformation that we process.  You havethe right, under certain circumstances: 1.    to be provided with a copy of your personalinformation;2.    torequest the correction or deletionof your personal information;3.    torequest that the restriction theprocessing of your personal information (while your concerns are investigatedor verified, for example);4.    to object to the further processing ofyour personal information; and5.    torequest that your provided personal information be moved to a third party. Inparticular, if the processing of your personal information is based on consent,you have the right to withdraw that consent without detriment at any time. 8.1          How to exercise your rightsIf you have any questions or concerns about howwe handle your personal data on your Company's behalf or wish to exercise anyof your legal rights, please contact your Company. If your Company needs any information fromus, we can liaise directly with them to help answer your question.  If youhave any questions for Fyld, you can contact us to ask. We may refer your question to your Companywhere appropriate.  If youhave any concerns, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a dataprotection supervisory authority. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)is the supervisory authority in the UK and can provide further informationabout your rights and your Company's obligations in relation to your personal information, as well as dealwith any complaints that you may have (please visit their website at If you are outside the UK, you can findyour local data protection authority here: European Commission: Data Protection - DataProtection Authorities.9.             Whendid Fyld last update this notice?This Notice was last updated on 03 August 2020.Any changes we make to this Notice in thefuture will be posted on this page. If we make any substantive changes, we willnotify you by e-mail or through in-app messaging, website pop-ups or in-appnotifications within the Fyld Platform. 10.          Contact usWe welcome yourfeedback and questions. If you would like to contact us, please send us anemail at  
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