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Product Engineer

At FYLD we are passionate about transforming the way field operations are run by utilities companies.  FYLD puts actionable insights at the fingertips of field workers and their managers, empowering teams to make data-driven decisions in real time, leading to greater safety, efficiency and quality assurance.  The power of our platform comes from the way it was created - in partnership with SGN, the major UK-based natural and green gas distributor (they deliver gas to over 14 million homes and businesses in the UK).  FYLD was built by the field worker, for the field worker, in conjunction with our deep data science expertise.

While we are lucky enough to have SGN on board as our anchor customer, we are just at the beginning of our journey to partner with utilities companies globally to transform their field operations.  To be successful in our mission we need to continue building a deep understanding of the day to day lives of field workers and how this informs our product roadmap - that’s where you come in.  This role provides the opportunity to join a well funded start-up at the beginning of the journey and have a career defining experience.

The Product Engineer works as a bridge between our customers - field workers and team leaders - and our product team.  The role also has a commercial aspect to it with an ability to navigate between different types of users and build trustworthy relationships that enable honest and open insights about our product and opportunities.  Key responsibilities include:

- For the first 6 months, spending 75% of your time with our first customer to understand the daily work lives of their field operatives and team leaders in detail.  During this time, building trusted relationships will be key to your success.  Using the knowledge you build, you will collaborate with our product team to deliver insights that lead to sustained high rates of adoption and retention.  This will include working with their operations transformation team to deliver the roll out successfully, including providing training to address areas of slower uptake and understand any blockers to uptake.  You will be responsible for understanding the needs of potential new cohorts of users and how we need to evolve FYLD to be relevant to them: there is a pre-sales element to this role.  You will partner with operations specialists to figure out how they can use the data that FYLD surfaces to unlock new productivity gains and how we productise these learnings.  Success will be measured by the number of ‘power users’ they have on the FYLD platform and the delivery of productivity gains for their operations teams.

- During this time you will also partner with our commercial team as they begin to engage with potential new customers.  Your learnings at our anchor customer about the day to day lives of field operatives and the problems that FYLD solves for them and their managers will be crucial as we target new customers.  To be successful in building our user base beyond those at our first customer we need to be able to understand the pain points of potential new users in depth, spend our time targeting new customers that FYLD really does solve problems for and close deals quickly.  You will be a crucial part of this process, through rapidly building trusted relationships with key people at new target customers and through filtering out of opportunities that are not well aligned to FYLD.  Success will be measured by the number of new users we bring on and retain at new customers.

- Longer term this role will evolve as the business evolves.  The one thing we know about this role longer term is that it will always be deeply embedded with our users.  Anticipating their next need before they do, spotting a problem before it arises, feeding insight to our product team, these are all activities we know will make us successful.

About you:

- First of all, culture is really important to us and it will be to you too.  It is rare to find a startup like us - we were born at world leading venture foundry BCGDV and are funded by Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (they manage over £207 billion in net assets) through their venture foundry Koru.  SGN is part owned by Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, they are a great supporter, our anchor customer and a shareholder.  Our ability to access the world’s greatest utilities companies and to partner with them on their data led transformations is exceptional - you will be working with the world's best companies.  We are looking for people to join us who can see that this environment means that they will have a career defining experience with us.

- You are data led.  We trust the numbers, not our guts - you will too.  We experiment rapidly and are not afraid to kill new concepts that do not drive user growth.  Our success to date has been through conducting deep research on user needs and being very analytical about what we have found.  You will want to continue this journey.

- You are an engineer (physical domain, eg mechanical, civil) by background with around 5-10 years experience.  We were built by the field worker for the field worker.  While you don’t need to have been a field worker, you do need to be capable of understanding what they do at a technical level and have empathy with their needs.  You are very comfortable with software applications even if you are not a coder.  You are a strong communicator.

- The start-up culture of planning, delivery, agile and accountability is second nature to you.  Transparency is core, we are a small team and what everybody does on a daily basis counts.  With this comes the need for agility, we are willing to adapt to our learnings and need you to be too.  You don’t need to have experience at a start-up, but we do need you to buy into the culture of being at one.

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