Helping ensure the nation’s roads run smoothly.

Our field force management platform uses sophisticated AI technology to support transport infrastructure providers in addressing the industry’s most pressing challenges: keeping operatives safe at work, reducing downtime and delays and driving cost efficiencies when resources are stretched.


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FYLD’s powerful field force management technology integrates into your daily field operations to drive productivity, safety and efficiency, deliver significant cost savings and improve regulatory compliance.
Our trial results speak for themselves. In just six weeks, with only 110 users, the following compelling results led to an enterprise agreement:

of jobs have a signed off Visual Risk Assessment (VRA).


field work hours saved.


productivity uplift.


return on investment.

The only digital management tool developed specifically for field operations.

FYLD goes beyond digitising paper-based processes. It creates a radical step change in the safety and productivity of field operations, creating real-time visibility for remote managers from day one.

  • Enable remote managers to prioritise sites with visibility in real-time.
  • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork with Visual Risk Assessments (VRA’s).
  • Simplify auditing processes by consolidating all job communications into one place.
  • Avoid costly fines and prove compliance with easy-to-use site evidencing tools.
  • Manage field worker fatigue with individual time tracking and proactive alerts.

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More reasons to use FYLD

Real-time, remote site visibility.

Replace time-consuming, paper-based risk assessments with FYLD’s Visual Risk Assessments (VRAs) which take a fraction of the time and create real-time visibility for remote managers.

Empower remote managers to prioritise sites which pose the most risk with a tool that enables them to review, update and sign off risk assessments in real-time.

Improve compliance.

Use FYLD’s site evidencing tools and communication features to improve traffic management standards across your teams, and feedback in real-time to rectify sites before completion.

Avoid incidents and fines through improved traffic management compliance, made easier by FYLD’s image and video sharing capabilities.

Resource management.

By analysing historical job data, FYLD’s AI technology can help to predict expected job duration and captures team performance data, enabling managers to confidently plan resources and work schedules.

Reduce downtime, delays and reactive work patterns by creating work schedules led by accurate data.

Retain talent.

Boost morale and motivation amongst field workers with a digital tool that empowers them to make decisions, manage risk and communicate remotely with managers.

The highway service sector suffers from high staff turnover which drives down productivity and increases cost. Retain your best people by investing in your field force culture.

Book a one-to-one discovery session with a member of the FYLD team to learn more.

FYLD is powering productivity with the UK and USA’s biggest utilities.

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