Powering productivity to deliver efficient and safe water and wastewater operations.

FYLD works with large water utilities in the UK and USA to power productivity and safety in the field.  Supporting water and wastewater infrastructure providers to combat the most obstinate challenges: mounting regulatory pressures, escalating operational costs and stretched resources.

How does FYLD work?
FYLD’s powerful field force management technology integrates into your daily field operations to drive productivity, safety and efficiency, deliver significant cost savings and improve regulatory compliance.
Our results speak for themselves. We’ve achieved the following results for the UK’s leading water and wastewater companies.

increase in work completion rates over just one year, powering faster leakage repairs, improved pollution incident response, and a more efficient field force.


litres of water saved in one year through early leakage intervention and improved repair processes.


of job sites remotely reviewed, enabling manager and control teams to oversee work activities  through FYLD’s remote control centre.


FYLD’s customer satisfaction score due to the platform’s easy-to-use features, suitable for all levels of digital literacy.

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The only digital management tool developed specifically for field operations.

FYLD goes beyond digitising paper-based processes. It creates a radical step change in the productivity and safety of field operations, creating real-time visibility for remote managers from day one.

  • Enables immediate incident management, proactive management in pollution events, and data capture for event learning.
  • Reduces leakage through enhanced productivity and work handovers.
  • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork with Video Risk Assessments (VRA’s).
  • Simplify auditing processes by consolidating all job communications into one place.
  • Avoid costly fines and prove compliance with easy-to-use site evidencing tools.
  • Manage fieldworker fatigue with individual time tracking and proactive alerts.
Benefits of using FYLD

Real time, remote site visibility.

Gain real-time remote visibility of sites and create efficient control centres to proactively manage site activities.

Push AI-powered prompts and alerts to your field teams that intervene site activities before safety incidents or job delays occur.

Resource management.

By analysing historical job data, FYLD’s AI technology helps predict expected job duration and captures team performance data, presenting managers with a bespoke dashboard view to accurately plan resources and work schedules.

Spend less time adjusting programmes of work by scheduling resources around detailed and accurate information about your team’s capabilities.

Ease regulatory pressure.

Reduce leakage by predicting incidents before they occur, and make quick, data-driven decisions to drive down pollution activity response times.

Ease the pressure of regulatory reporting by tracking and measuring job performance and quickly demonstrate that your job sites have been left in a safe condition with FYLD’s evidencing features.

Empower your people.

Scoring 9.2/10 for customer satisfaction, FYLD’s platform design empowers fieldworkers at all levels of digital literacy.

Boost morale and motivation  amongst your field teams by deploying a solution that makes their day-to-day job easier while improving productivity, efficiency and safety.

FYLD is powering productivity with the UK and USA’s biggest utilities.

Book a one-to-one discovery session with a member of the FYLD team to learn more.

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