It’s time to level up your construction operations.

As someone responsible for managing and completing construction and transport projects on time and on budget in today’s US landscape, you’re under pressure to deliver.

You need to balance speed without sacrificing safety and power productivity without compromising workforce morale.

You need to keep your site teams safe and maintain constant visibility of your workforce and site in real-time.

FYLD helps you do all this and more.

FYLD is a mobile workforce solution deployed in the US with Ferrovial Construction on the North Tarrant Infrastructure (NTI) Project in Fort Worth and at AlamoNEX in San Antonio.


A workforce solution like no other.

We know that problems are all too common throughout a construction project’s life cycle. FYLD has been specifically engineered to help you overcome these challenges.

  • Monitor costs: By analyzing historical job data, FYLD predicts job duration, captures team performance data and highlights work patterns that enable you to confidently plan field resources and costs.
  • Minimize delays: Reduce downtime, delays and reactive work patterns by using FYLD to remove job blockers, communicate on the go, capture 30-second Video Risk Assessments (VRAs) and sign-off actions instantly.
  • Upgrade old field management processes: Replace time-consuming outdated risk assessments by deploying an easy to use, data-led mobile platform that uses VRAs to reduce risk assessment time by X.
  • Boost site visibility: Without real-time site visibility, you’re operating in reactive mode. With FYLD, you can instantly oversee work activities through FYLD’s remote control centre – all at the click of a button.
  • Combat labor shortages: Get the most out of your teams. FYLD collects data to automatically suggest new, practical ways to boost productivity and increase spans of control by up to X. Fieldworkers can get days back on the tools and Managers can focus time where they are needed most.
  • Ensure safety at all times: Drive a culture of safety by using FYLD VRAs and evidencing features, making site handovers simple, reliable and easy – all tracked in FYLD’s platform to ease regulatory pressure.

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