An easy to use digital platform for safer, more productive sites

FYLD enables utility field teams to capture, communicate and analyse onsite data in moments - making every site safer and more productive than ever.

We’ve developed FYLD in close collaboration with industry experts and utility repair teams across the UK.

Here’s how FYLD’s key features can benefit to your organisation…

The right tool for every job

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For Fieldworkers

Capture data

Capture and share everything that happens onsite in moments.

FYLD’s smartphone app enables teams to record video, audio and images to create detailed risk assessments or evidence their work.

Our smart algorithm will automatically extract the information and structure the data, to alert managers if anything is wrong and help them track productivity.

Say goodbye to paper admin and wasted phone calls.

Track progress

FYLD makes it easy for teams to record their progress throughout the day.

Teams can evidence any onsite issues or wins and share them with  their manager in moments.

FYLD will automatically compare similar job types to track productivity and alert managers to any problems.

Complete visibility to increase efficiency and enable more accurate planning.


FYLD makes team handovers fast, simple and easy.

The next team will get a detailed log of everything encountered on the job; discoveries, issues, hazards and controls.

When a team takes over, they’ll have all the information they need and know exactly what needs to be done next.

No more confusion and stress.

For Managers

Site visibility

FLYD enables teams to capture and share onsite information in moments. From detailed video risk assessments to evidence of tasks - managers can track team progress with ease.

No time to watch videos? Our algorithm will automatically structure and organise the data to alert managers of any issues.

With complete visibility of their teams, managers are empowered to make key decisions remotely, wherever they are.


FYLD gives managers accurate, transparent visibility of all their teams.

If they choose, they can access detailed information about job progress and safety in moments. If they’re focussed on other tasks, FYLD can scan the data and automatically alert them of any issues that arise.

This enables managers to prioritise their time and energy and focus on the teams that need them the most.

Actionable insights

FYLD’s algorithm automatically extracts and structures the valuable data from each job site.

This data can provide managers with powerful insights; alerting them to solve key issues before they occur, helping them track team productivity and efficiency, as well as accessing past jobs for guidance and input on best practice solutions.

No more wasted data.

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