Curious about FYLD? Here you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from field teams, managers and the wider utility industry.

Please note that these are general answers to FAQs only, and you must assess their relevance to your situation specifically.

  • FYLD is a leading field workforce mobility platform, enabling the safe and productive execution of operations in the heavy civil and utilities industries, deployed throughout industry in the UK and US, as well as into South America.

    Utilising transformative technologies like natural language processing, computer vision and artificial intelligence, FYLD analyses what is taking place in the field in real time.

    Operational command centres understand where high risk sites are and provide a direct communication link between remote managers and fieldworkers. FYLD can identify jobs at risk of delay and emerging quality outcomes – and operational teams are empowered with data to proactively intervene and drive more jobs to completion.

  • Our track record and case studies demonstrate exceptional productivity and safety benefits across energy and utilities, highways and transport, and construction and manufacturing. FYLD benefits both remote field teams, and those based on operational or construction sites.

    We will support you during the roll out of FYLD, and recommend a feature suite that will best suit your industry and type of work.

  • Fieldworkers open up the FYLD platform on their smartphone or tablet prior to starting their work activity. Workers then actively assess and record the job site through FYLD before any work is carried out. Through describing the activity and the hazards and control measures they perceive, FYLD can convert the video and audio captured into a Video Risk Assessment (VRA). The artificial intelligence technology analyses the recording and identifies the hazards and conditions present on site, potentially flagging to the worker something they may have missed.

    The VRA is then reviewed by the worker and shared with their manager, who can interact in the risk assessment, or intervene with the job remotely by adding any further hazards and controls – all without visiting the site.

  • You can complete a demo request here. A member of our team will be in touch to talk you through the next steps. We will bring you up to speed with how FYLD works and its benefits, and work with you to develop a bespoke solution that’s ready to deploy to your team.

  • We have an experienced team of trusted advisors who will support you at every stage of the process. For enterprise customers, you will have a dedicated account manager to support the roll out of FYLD, focussing efforts to deliver maximum productivity, safety, and environmental sustainability benefits.

    Once you’re fully set up, our customer success team will work with you to help integrate FYLD into your business processes, so you can drive continuous improvements and value creation. We also have a dedicated tech support team who can be contacted directly from the FYLD solution in the event of any technical queries.

  • It is incumbent on all businesses to put in place suitable and sufficient measures to ensure the safety of their employees, contractors, and members of the public. The law requires you to conduct and document a risk assessment, and implement the safety precautions that have been identified as being necessary to ensure work can be carried out safely.

    In the event of a health and safety incident or injury, an investigator will likely require you to provide proof in some form to show requirements were met. If you are unable to provide the proof needed, it will be very difficult to defend a health and safety prosecution.

    Using the FYLD platform means you can:

    • Demonstrate that you implemented a robust system to carry out, communicate and record work site risk assessments and critical workflows
    • Provide copies of the relevant data/communications relating to a job to prove that the system was effectively implemented on the job in question
  • FYLD is routinely deployed to large field and site-based teams remotely. Currently, there are two training options that users can access.

    First, when new users log in for the first time, they will be greeted with a training course on how to use the platform (i.e., in-app training). Second, when a new user is registered for the first time, they will receive SMS/email communications containing a training course on how to use the platform.

    We also provide continued support during the initial roll out, utilising a ‘train-the-trainer’ model to upskill champions and super users within your teams. We can offer additional roll out support, including face-to-face and remote training sessions, depending on the onboarding, training or professional services package required.

  • FYLD was built in conjunction with fieldworkers by our expert designers who spend thousands of hours on operational sites to understand the nature of fieldwork. Our continued success across different sectors, alongside market-leading CSAT scores, demonstrates that ease of use is key to rapid deployment and great results.

  • FYLD offers an initial free six week trial period, with no obligation to proceed once the time period ends. We offer different tiers of subscription plans, which we will tailor to your unique requirements and company size. If you would like to know more, complete a demo request here and a member of our team will be in touch to develop a bespoke offering.

  • Yes. When in an area of no or low signal, FYLD will switch into ‘offline mode’. This means that fieldworkers can input data and continue work activities when there is no signal. All information will be pushed to the FYLD Cloud and visible to managers and supervisors once signal is obtained, including the original timings of the work activities.

  • FYLD is an enterprise-grade platform. It is now available on Android and iOS devices – including phones and tablets. Both fieldworkers and managers have the platform on their devices, with managers also gaining access to FYLD Cloud via browser. For executives and functional leaders, we also have FYLD Analytics that can be accessed via analytic solutions, cloud data services, or APIs.

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