Built With Field Teams, For Field Teams

We developed FYLD in close collaboration with industry experts and utilities field teams, creating an innovative solution that fulfils the needs of any fieldworker or manager.

Fuelled by Experience

During a 12-month testing and validation process with SGN, a UK gas distributor, we uncovered the pain points and frictions that utilities field teams face on a day-to-day basis.

Our team brings a wealth of experience in disruptive technology, with portfolios and careers encompassing BCG Consulting, BCG Digital Ventures, Shazam, Deutsche Telekom, Ticketmaster and PwC, to name but a few.

Together, we are on a mission to revolutionise the safety and efficiency of field teams.

Together, we are on a mission to revolutionise the safety and efficiency of field teams.

Other digital solutions for fieldworkers simply digitise existing processes.

FYLD takes this
a step further

Most field teams are familiar with video surveys and digital reports, but marrying the two together still requires a large degree of manual input.

FYLD strips away the need for time-consuming and burdensome administration, while equipping fieldworkers and team leaders with the insights they need to make better, data-driven decisions


Our innovative platform has been recognised by industry, picking up prestigious awards such as Innovator of the Year and Best Digital Innovation at the Energy Innovations awards, as well as Emerging Technology of the Year at the UK IT awards.

ISO standards

FYLD adheres to ISO standards – protecting assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted by third parties by using ISO information security management systems.

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Digital transformation has become the biggest buzzword in the utilities, infrastructure and transport sectors – and for good reason.

Digital transformation is changing the way we work and live, and improving the safety, productivity, accessibility and sustainability of industrial operations.

But despite the phrase ‘digital transformation’ coming to prominence in the past decade, there is still a lack of clarity about what digital transformation actually is, and how it has the potential to revolutionise essential, safety-critical sectors.

Enter ‘FutureTalk’ – FYLD’s new podcast hosted by FYLD Chief Futurist Karl Simons OBE, which discusses how leaders, managers and workers in these industries can gain an understanding of what digital transformation means for job roles.

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