Safer and Simpler Field Work for Contractors

Through its revolutionary application of machine learning, FYLD removes many of the frustrations facing contractors, keeping them safe at the same time.

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For Contractors

For Contractors

Real-time data capture

By automatically converting video, photo, audio and text into video risk assessments, FYLD  eliminates time-consuming paperwork and ensures nothing is completed from memory, which can compromise safety.

Minimal delays

Contractors can share site conditions with their managers in real-time, reducing unnecessary travel time. Managers can review sites remotely and flag any potential hazards, so work can commence promptly.

Stay on track

FYLD makes it easy for contractors to record progress throughout the day, evidence any on-site issues and flag them with their manager in moments. This saves time that would otherwise be spent on the phone calls or emails.

Seamless handovers

With FYLD, you’ll enjoy smoother handovers on incomplete jobs. The next team will have a detailed log of everything encountered on the job, such as issues and hazards, giving them all the information they need to start work instantly.

Historical insights

Contractors can view previous jobs within the vicinity of their site to help them understand conditions and known issues in the area, enabling them to proactively prevent any problems before they arise.

The results

Video risk assessments can reduce the time it takes to complete a risk assessment by up to 64%.


Remote collaboration combined with sophisticated hazard and controls analysis can increase the number of ‘safe days’ by 42%.

How can FYLD help me manage my contractors?

A 12.5% productivity uplift, 1800 fieldworker hours back on the tools, and a 15% boost in completed jobs.

Those are just a few of the improvements UK-based utility systems company Trinity saw – in just three months – by using FYLD to manage its contractors.

We’re entering a digital era. There’s never been a more important time to rethink your approach to contractor management.

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