The FYLD Revolution

Safer field teams. Greater efficiency. Powerful insights. Driven by AI.

FYLD delivers greater efficiency and safety by eliminating time-consuming paperwork and helping managers prioritise the sites that pose the most risk.

Injuries and incidents were reduced by 20% for a key client when using FYLD over a 12-month period.


FYLD removed 90% of paper from a key client’s processes over a five-month period.


By providing remote visibility of site conditions, FYLD can reduce manager travel time by up to 36%.

Empowering Teams

With FYLD, ops managers can view multiple sites, approve risk assessments and allocate jobs remotely, so work can commence without delay. All data and communication is centralised, providing a full audit trail for compliance and evidencing purposes.
For managers
Field Workers
FYLD enables field workers to survey job sites with their smartphone or tablet, so nothing is missed. Seamlessly converting video and audio into a full list of hazards and controls, it ensures risk assessments are created in real-time, rather than from memory.
For Field Workers
Through its revolutionary application of machine learning, FYLD removes many of the frustrations facing contractors, keeping them safe at the same time. It also enables smoother handovers on incomplete jobs, making life easy for the next team.
For Contractors
Civil Engineers
By eliminating paperwork and unnecessary travel time, FYLD helps civil engineers minimise their environmental impact and drive greater efficiencies. Essential work can be completed with fewer delays, to the satisfaction of managers and the general public.
For Civil Engineers
Who are FYLD?
Safer, faster, better

FYLD is an award-winning digital platform that automatically transforms video and audio footage into real-time workflows, visual risk assessments and analytics dashboards. By harnessing the power of machine learning, it eliminates paperwork, saves time and creates safer sites.