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FYLD gives managers unrivalled visibility of every site and field team, minimising travel time and helping them make proactive decisions driven by real-time data.

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For Managers

For Managers

Remote management and purposeful site visits

FYLD’s manager dashboard allows managers to view their teams’ whereabouts, enables better decision-making on the go, and ensures they only visit sites that need attention.

Greater site visibility

With complete visibility of their field teams and sites, managers are empowered to make key decisions remotely, saving on travel time and substantially increasing their span of control.

Proactive management

Through analysing real-time data, managers can take proactive actions to prevent likely events occurring, helping to ensure work can continue at a fast pace and avoid downtime.

Smart notifications

FYLD understands which information is important and only notifies managers of relevant events that require their attention. This retains their focus on the jobs that matter most.

Job duration benchmarking

Over time, FYLD compiles a meaningful data set of job durations by job type. This can be used to set job duration targets, compare performance across teams and inform job scheduling.

Full audit trails for compliance

The quality of data provided by FYLD ensures accurate and transparent reporting, while centralised communication provides a full audit trail that can minimise the risk of fines.

The results

Fieldworkers save 10,400 hours on risk assessments alone based on an average 1,000 jobs a per week.*


By adopting FYLD into operational processes a key client recorded a 20% reduction in injuries and incidents.*

* Recorded by SGN when using FYLD over a 12 month period.

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