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“We understood there was a problem with our on-site risk assessments. After several open forums we established there was poor collection of data, with repeat failures that should have been covered using a traditional risk assessment. With FYLD, we can gather the relevant details from the risk assessments, with 100% confidence that they are being completed correctly, with the operative having to walk the site and identify the risks as they see them. This has resulted in an instant reduction in repetitive events and near misses.”

Dean Pearce

Director, CLC

The challenge

Before FYLD, CLC faced challenges in managing field operations and streamlining communication between remote teams and managers, with many paper-based processes in place. Its workforce included non-tech-savvy users. The transition to a digital platform marked a significant change in CLC’s ways of working, with a focus on optimising operations, ensuring compliance and enhancing remote visibility.

FYLD’s impact

CLC noted a substantial reduction in travel for managers, which increased spans and layers, and made remote management more effective. FYLD enabled all jobs to be reviewed and signed-off and ensured that each project had a breaking ground permit if required. This critical boost in compliance and oversight contributed to smoother operations.

CLC’s strict adherence to safety standards guides their practices, but these regulations are interpreted differently between councils, creating challenges. By providing eyes on all sites through wrap-up videos, FYLD played a pivotal role in reducing CAT A defects, addressing issues that could lead to major or minor defects.

Behavioural change

There was a substantial behavioural change, particularly in less experienced teams or those not accustomed to stringent compliance measures. With FYLD, sites were consistently monitored, fostering a culture of accountability and adherence to safety protocols.


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