Driving increases in productivity, and substantial safety improvements, for a major UK gas distributor

The challenge

SGN required operational transformation to reduce costs and improve safety. Increased manager to operative ratio through remote site visibility of field work activities coupled with intelligent prompts about where they should focus their attention was a key part of SGN’s response strategy, as well as: 

Improving the risk assessment process, whilst reducing the time it took teams;

  • Driving down the number of in-person site visits to only high-priority sites, in addition to saved time, reduced mileage claims were targeted;
  • Recording and analysing issues which prevented work from being completed and redesigning processes as a result.; and
  • Providing evidence of how sites were left, thereby reducing the number of fines from local authorities.

SGN partnered with Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan to build FYLD in response to these challenges.  Impressive results were achieved over its first 12 months of deployment to 750 operatives in its repairs, replacements and connections workstream.

The Results

  • 20% reduction in incidents and injuries
  • 16,000 hours of job blockers identified
  • 20%+ improvement of Manager to operative ratio

£4.2million in annual benefits realised
Deployed to 750 person field force operations