FYLD adds new Account Director to head up USA water division

Pioneering technology provider, FYLD, with its AI-driven fieldwork execution platform, has appointed Joseph Duysen as Account Director for its USA water division. Based in Chicago and bringing over a decade of experience in partnering with Government on new technology deployments, Joe is poised to lead FYLD’s expansion efforts into the country’s publicly managed water utilities. Over the past four years, Joe has further honed his expertise in government water management through his role addressing critical issues related to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead and Copper Rule.

“The network of publicly managed water utilities in the USA is facing significant strain due to several factors, including population growth, ageing infrastructure, extreme weather events, and regulatory challenges.” Joe says, of government water management. “These issues have led to public health concerns, financial constraints, increased consumer expenses, and a backlog of necessary investments for water utilities.”

“I am eager to expand FYLD’s presence in the US market,” Joe says, of his new role. “My last role gave me a profound understanding of the unique challenges within the water sector. This new role presents me with a fantastic opportunity to introduce transformative AI technology to overcome those challenges, so we can enhance safety and productivity in water management.”

Joe is realistic about the journey involved in getting there. “From my perspective, FYLD’s robust technology, which provides a real-time and actionable view of field work operations using AI analytics, is perfectly designed to mitigate operational risks and inefficiencies. We understand the pressures our customers are facing – skilled labor shortages, cost increases, regulatory pressures, and widespread challenges that go hand in hand with ageing infrastructure in the US. I’m fully committed to helping companies understand and ultimately embrace the huge benefits that our technology can bring to their operations.”

“Joseph’s experience and skills in the water industry, working with government and procurement make him an invaluable asset to FYLD as we build our presence in the US market,” adds FYLD CEO, Shelley Copsey. “His deep knowledge of the water and wastewater industries will be instrumental in guiding our initiatives and introducing FYLD to the sector, building off the great success we have in partnering with UK water companies to transform their operations with data technology.

“As FYLD continues to grow and redefine industry standards through AI, I’m confident that Joe’s leadership will be pivotal in our journey to revolutionise water and wastewater management across the United States, and we’re delighted to welcome him to the team.”

Outside work Joe enjoys spending quality time with family and playing football and rugby.

Reach out to Joe on LinkedIn or discover how FYLD is driving innovation at www.fyld.ai.