FYLD and BCG X: Partnering to drive digital transformation for utilities and construction industries

Utilities and construction workers are the unsung heroes of modern society, quietly powering our lives and infrastructure. We rely on them to keep our lights on and water flowing, build our roads, and keep infrastructure secure. While these critical services often go unnoticed, that quickly changes when something goes wrong. 

In this era of rapid technological advancement, digital transformation has become an imperative for leaders across these industries. Embracing technology isn’t just a matter of staying competitive; it’s about becoming more productive, efficient and safer. It presents an opportunity to augment capabilities and streamline operations, all while enhancing customer service and compliance.

FYLD, the leading provider of AI-powered fieldwork technology, in conjunction with BCG X conceived a platform to streamline and simplify the lives of fieldworkers, and deliver significantly enhanced visibility to remote managers, leaders, and executives. 

FYLD enables its customers to make informed decisions, respond swiftly to challenges and unlock the full potential of workforces with AI-powered precision – putting digital transformation, sustainability goals and most of all, its users, at the heart of its operations.

A transformative platform for today’s CIOs  

FYLD is disrupting industry norms, utilising technologies like AI, video and real-time workflows to digitalise processes that have remained unchanged in the utility space for decades, with most of the processes being mapped on paper up until now. Shelley Copsey, CEO at FYLD, believes this approach has caught the imagination of a new generation of CIOs who think critically about solving challenges.  

“CIOs are now working with their organisations to give them what they need,” she says. “They’re thinking about the technologies, solutions, and emerging platforms that can make a real difference and drive results. Forward thinking CIOs are taking a proactive stance, partnering with the businesses they serve, and ushering in a new era of strategic thinking by embracing innovative technologies.

By the user, for the user 

Any platform with ambitions to transform an industry sector also needs buy-in from the people outside of the C-suite that use it daily. FYLD and BCG X share a commitment to making sure users are at the heart of continual innovation and implementation.

“FYLD is user-centric; it was built by fieldworkers for fieldworkers from day one,” says Danielle Ullner, Managing Director and Partner of BCG X. “That’s true for the workers in the field interacting with the platform and the managers overseeing work remotely. User-centric technology is critical for adoption, and FYLD was ahead of its time in designing its product this way. It’s also why we have consistently high levels of engagement with the platform over extended periods of time.” 

The platform’s user-centric approach is its guiding principle. It’s not another app to add to the fieldworker’s toolkit, but instead, a single, user-friendly hub that simplifies tasks and makes teams more productive and efficient. It provides a ‘single window’ to the field. New features and functionality is tested with real users to gauge feedback, ensuring field teams are always listened to. This is why organisations report a take-up of 90% across the workforce within two weeks of the platform going live. 

 The time is now for ESG 

Another critical step for organisations is considering how to bolster environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG). FYLD is helping organisations achieve this in a number of ways; at the most basic level, by eliminating huge amounts of paper from workflows. Not only is this digitalisation making fieldworkers more efficient and productive, but it is also helping customers to lower their carbon footprint by deploying less emitting vehicles on the roads and eliminating paper waste.

“The platform also enables fieldworkers to get work done right the first time,” says Shelley. “It’s stopping the issue of rework, which in heavy industry represents significant emissions and costs. We’re also helping customers understand how their assets are performing, particularly in the water industry, contributing to businesses being more proactive too.” 

The mention of the water industry is timely, with organisations in the UK under intense pressure to reduce leaks and pollutions. FYLD’s recent work with Morrison Water Services, which used the platform in a repairs program with Yorkshire Water, delivered hugely encouraging results, with leakages cut by 35% at just 8% of the usual outlay it costs to prevent leaks.  

You can read more about how FYLD is transforming the water industry with AI in Shelley’s article here

Results within days of implementation 

FYLD illustrates the power of leveraging emerging technology to solve traditional issues. It has grown quickly to become a transformational force across utilities and construction, driven by its ability to deliver almost immediate value and impact. 

“FYLD doesn’t take two or three years to deliver value; it can be implemented very quickly with existing tech stacks and deliver ROI in weeks. That is what modern CIOs and CIDOs are looking for – impact and value for the business tied to strategic objectives,” says Danielle.

By prioritising the development of AI technology for industry 4.0 while empowering field teams via data-driven safety and productivity insights, FYLD streamlines operations for customers across the world. 

Heavy civils, construction and utilities industries are addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time. As traditionally conservative industry sectors continue to evolve in the digital age, FYLD stands as a disruptive innovator, offering not just a tool but a transformative solution that empowers organisations to thrive in this new era.