FYLD deployment powers material leakage reduction

The challenge

Leakage performance – the volume of water lost each year to leaks and unrecorded consumption – is heavily scrutinised and regulated in the UK.  Under pressure from public perception, media coverage and regulatory bodies, water companies are constantly searching for ways to improve leakage.   Leak repair work is often outsourced to specialised contractors, which can provide work oversight and communication challenges.  The cost to save a litre of water is high, typically running at £1m per mega litre.

The solution

Working with leading water company Yorkshire Water (YW) and Tier 1 contractor Morrison Water Services (MWS), FYLD developed a solution to:

  • Integrate working teams from YW and MWS to streamline the handover process from surveyor to repair crew, enabling more jobs to be done right first time – significantly reducing leakage time and increasing the first time fix ratio.
  • Eliminate repeated site visits by enabling remote job planning and real-time communication between YW and MWS with remote site visibility.
  • Save 0.64 ml/per day – a fraction of typical costs – in a period of drought and chronic labour shortages in the utilities industry. With a sector benchmark of £1m to save 1 ml of water, FYLD’s licence fee to achieve this outcome for YW was more than 85% lower than the current spend required to reduce leakage via traditional approaches.