FYLD’s patent-pending Edge AI technology leads to breakthroughs in operational efficiency and reduces safety incidents

April 11, 2024 – Today, AI-powered work execution platform, FYLD, announces the deployment of new Edge AI technology designed to keep field workers efficient and safe in the most remote of working environments. Critical infrastructure companies – from utilities through to heavy civil construction and highway maintenance – use FYLD to drive operational efficiency and stop safety incidents with data.

This product advancement enables workflow processing on the phone or tablet without internet connectivity. Analysis of data takes place in real time, at the data collection source, enabling our customers to drive each day’s operations to safe completion even when their workers are out of range.  At FYLD, we know our fieldworkers don’t always find connectivity easily available – so we’re bringing the power of our platform to them, at their worksite.

“Ensuring our operational fieldworkers and managers have the right digital technology to support them in delivering our 24/7 service to our customers every day is crucial for our business. FYLD’s AI-driven fieldwork execution platform is supporting our business by working with our teams as part of our turnaround plan to bring significant improvement to Safety, Water Quality & Environmental Management.”

Lawrence Gosden, CEO of Southern Water

FYLD launches industry-leading smart workflow technology

Standing time is a key source of inefficiency in the infrastructure sector.  Analysis of data collected by FYLD at more than 500,000 worksites its algorithms have been to shows that through anticipating the need for permits, up to 2 hours of time per job can be recovered and turned into productive time, but standard industry practice is to request a permit only as it is specifically required.  Coupled with paper and point solutions that don’t integrate into the broader fieldworker tech stack being the dominant method of issuing permits, material job inefficiencies are commonplace.

To address this challenge, FYLD has launched its industry-leading smart workflow technology.  This enhancement allows field workers to follow standard operating procedures with AI-driven nudges and training support, all from their mobile phones and tablets. Additionally, FYLD is identifying permits that may be required later in the day from visual input at the start of the day, and through digital issue of these permits, ensuring that standing time whilst waiting for permits that are generally issued through manual processes or digital paper style processes are eliminated.

James Bird, Head of Safety at Kier Transportation supports this stating, “FYLD is the only purpose-built digital tool for the field work sector and offers an easy-to-use interface, simple data collection and communication features. It also has a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine which uses predictive technology to improve safety and productivity.”

FYLD customers are completing more work, while maintaining alignment and adherence to approved processes and procedures.  

“Implementing smart workflows into our daily operations has been a game-changer. They offer an added layer of security: when our teams encounter high-risk activities on site, the system prompts them to take immediate action. It’s not just about meeting regulations; it’s about preemptively addressing potential hazards. Moreover, it acts as a built-in reminder to flag any issues that could impede progress. It’s like having a trusted advisor embedded in our operations, guiding us towards better, more efficient, and safer practices every step of the way.”

Anthony Palmer – Safety Manager at Granite Construction 

“Smart workflows provide an additional level of assurance, if the teams identify a high-risk activity on site that requires additional permits, they are prompted to take the appropriate action and request the correct permit. It also serves as a prompt to raise a job blocker if anything is identified that needs additional support. It’s a great coaching aid.”

Adam Budd – Team Manager at CLC

About FYLD 

FYLD is a unique collaboration between SGN, Boston Consulting Group’s BCG X and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) that is redefining the execution of field workforce operations in the infrastructure sector globally. Founded in 2020, FYLD offers an AI-driven digital platform that empowers field managers to make proactive, data-led decisions in real time and transform operational processes and procedures with data. Recognised as a breakthrough platform with awards from the Energy Innovation Council, CEMEX Ventures global construction tech start up competition and UK IT Awards, FYLD is ushering in a new era for productivity, safety, quality and sustainability in the field. Visit https://www.fyld.ai/ for more info and reach out to Brynne.hazzard@fyld.ai for press inquiries.