Seeing is succeeding: How workforce visibility drives sustainable utility operations

Navigating the evolving landscape of utility providers

As urban populations grow and infrastructure ages, utility providers face mounting pressures. The UK’s environmental challenges are acute, with regulatory pressures to reduce pollution incidents, like the 300,000 sewage spills reported in 2022, and improve waterway conditions, with only 14% currently holding a “good” ecological status​​.

Globally, the sector is investing heavily in sustainability and grid modernisation, with substantial funding directed toward enhancing grid reliability and renewable energy projects​. These efforts are compounded by the high costs of non-compliance, with potential fines reaching into the hundreds of millions, making effective management and technological upgrades essential for maintaining operations and optimising ROI.

FYLD emerges as a key solution in this context, offering advanced data analytics and real-time operational insights to help utilities navigate these challenges. By enhancing visibility and decision-making capabilities, FYLD enables utility companies to prioritise critical issues, manage resources effectively, and comply with stringent regulations, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Addressing complexities in utility operations

Utility providers operate under intense scrutiny and pressure, balancing the need for infrastructure modernisation with stringent financial and regulatory constraints. The need to enhance workforce productivity and manage emergencies efficiently is universal, impacting sustainability and profitability across regions.

Financial and regulatory challenges: 

Utilities must navigate a tightrope of investing in infrastructure while controlling costs. Strategic use of technologies like FYLD not only helps in adhering to regulations but also optimises resource allocation and speeds up responses to infrastructure challenges, thus preventing costly penalties and enhancing operational excellence.

Rapid emergency response

Quick and effective management of incidents such as leaks or outages is crucial. FYLD enhances operational visibility, enabling faster mobilisation and efficient crisis management, which is critical for minimising environmental impacts and regulatory repercussions.

The imperative of visibility in utility operations

Operational visibility is not just beneficial but crucial for utility providers. Enhanced visibility through FYLD’s platform allows for better management by providing detailed insights into every operational facet, supporting high service standards and customer satisfaction.

Real-time operational insights: 

FYLD provides a comprehensive view of all projects, improving decision-making and resource distribution. Continuous monitoring helps prevent service disruptions and optimise project outcomes.

Proactive risk management: 

Using AI to assess and manage potential risks, FYLD keeps projects on track and within budget. The system’s ability to forecast and mitigate risks proactively helps avoid delays and additional costs.

Enhanced reporting and collaboration: 

FYLD facilitates streamlined digital reporting and seamless team collaboration. Transparent project reporting and real-time communication within teams ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently, fostering a proactive management culture.

FYLD as a strategic asset for utility providers

FYLD is transforming how utilities operate, enhancing efficiency and ROI through advanced technology. The platform offers a suite of tools designed to boost operational visibility and streamline project management, which are crucial for long-term success.

Amplifying efficiency through visibility

FYLD’s real-time operational insights allow utility providers like Southern Water to monitor and manage their operations effectively. This capability led to over 44,000 AI-powered site assessments, significantly enhancing pollution risk management and safety process adherence.

Streamlining projects and enhancing collaboration

Through AI-powered Video Risk Assessments (VRA) and smart notifications, FYLD streamlines project management and enhances team collaboration.

FYLD notably increased efficiency at Morrison Water Services, saving over 6,000 management hours and 2,600 fieldworker hours through enhanced remote supervision and efficient risk assessments, leading to productivity savings of approximately £1 million.

Prioritising critical issues

FYLD’s technology not only supports routine operations but also excels during crises by prioritising critical issues effectively.

In the energy sector, FYLD has proven essential for SGN in response to OFGEM’s challenging RIIO-2 price controls. By increasing manager spans of control and focusing on high-priority sites, FYLD helped save 10,400 fieldworker hours and reduce operational costs significantly. This strategic deployment allowed for an increase in site spans of control by 20%, contributing £4.2 million in annual benefits and significantly reducing unnecessary site visits and potential fines.

Empowering future utility management with FYLD

As the utility sector continues to evolve, FYLD stands out as a crucial partner for water utilities, driving efficiency and ensuring compliance through innovative technology solutions.

By adopting FYLD’s advanced systems, utilities can proactively address challenges, streamline operations, and optimise their resources effectively. This proactive adoption empowers utility providers to manage infrastructure more effectively, ensuring a future where utility management is not only more efficient but also more sustainable.

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