Leaders embracing smart digital tech today will inform the safety of tomorrow

In the first of our latest blog series, which will explore the world of futuristic safety, we focus on the leadership which is required to progress this modern approach. 

Rooted in effective leadership, competency, communication and engagement, futuristic safety is a technology and innovation-led way of developing and implementing safety policy and practice. 

By enhancing remote visibility, catastrophic risk control and streamlined communications, technology plays a vital part in the reality of safer and more efficient workforces. Bold and effective leadership enables industries to implement tools and practices which enable them to be fit for the future.

With behavioural safety now accepted by many as a term of the past, futuristic safety encompasses the attitudes and strategies which will form the foundation of future safety operations across the world. So how do leadership teams achieve this? What needs to change?

Generative leadership for the future

There are leaders across every team and organisation that make tough and complex decisions every day. This year, BCG research found that ‘generative’ leadership is the type of management the world both wants and needs, especially after the many lockdowns and uncertainty of recent years. Generative leadership is made up of three key action points:

  • Reimagine and reinvent business operations
  • Create an inspiring and enriching human experience for their workforce
  • Execute and innovate through energised, agile teams

Put simply, it’s an approach which channels the head, heart and hands in all operational decisions. This applies to operations across the entire organisation, including the safety and wellbeing of workers.

Setting up safety policies and best practice through this lens is a crucial part of a safety professional’s role in 2022 and beyond. Technology is the latest frontier in safety and wellbeing practices, and it is vital to act and follow the latest innovations. 

Leadership in action

“The prevention of harm remains at the core of my daily approach, but it’s the foundations upon which this is built that have been rapidly changing over recent years. As our ability to capture and analyse more data becomes available, this shapes where and how I apply smarter decision making to quicker apply action that attains better outcomes for everyone,” Karl Simons OBE, Chief Futurist at FYLD commented. “The importance of implementing future-forward, agile technology to achieve this ambition cannot be understated. Leaders across all organisations need to be reimagining their operations so they benefit the safety, culture and bottom line of their business.

“I am always looking to challenge the status quo and look beyond the traditional safety and wellbeing practices. Working alongside an expert digital team that implements this belief across all their development and deployment strategies enables the deployment of generative leadership throughout all operations they support.”

FYLD’s future focus

To break through the barrier of stale safety metrics, leaders are prioritising the implementation of technologies and practices that result in step changes in safety and wellbeing across organisations. That’s where FYLD delivers real results.

Through AI-driven technology, FYLD helps leaders implement compliant and extensive safety practices as the new status quo. Deploying FYLD as a safety management tool provides radical productivity improvements for organisations, currently delivering an 8% productivity uplift for its customers.

Here are just some of the leaders across FYLD’s customers and partners expressing the benefits they have enjoyed by using FYLD:

  • Martin Holloway, Executive Operations Director at SGN said: “I envision platforms like FYLD enhancing the digital field force of the future… This step change in digitised functions is only possible with a comprehensive, intuitive platform like FYLD. AI and machine learning is a saviour for operational efficiency.”
  • Ben Legg, Global Corporate Health, Safety and Wellbeing Director at Ferrovial, said: “FYLD goes beyond safety – into health and well-being, mental health, and productivity for a progressive company… Digital solutions like FYLD are like the bridge between corporate and operational teams within a company.”

FYLD is part of the future of safety, productivity and efficiencies for global organisations.

Get in touch to find out more about FYLD and how the AI-driven platform can benefit your organisation.