Communication tool empowering productivity

Effective, streamlined, and comprehensive communication channels cannot be underestimated in modern, digitised industries. Vital services, like utilities and construction, benefit massively from being able to provide and receive live project updates. This keeps fieldworkers and the public safe, while maintaining smooth operations.

BCG research states that collaborative productivity is essential for any company looking to improve communication, increase efficiency, accelerate skills acquisition, or harness innovation. In this digital, mobile world – workplace communication has never been as important but also so disparate with multiple communication channels in the equation. Consolidating job communication to one digital tool, which can integrate with external contractors and supply chain partners, helps to establish efficiencies for all parties and spares many an admin headache.

FYLD powers productivity for fieldworkers, providing a platform for easy, inclusive, and real time communication for all team members, including contractors and supply chain partners, keeping all parties connected.

FYLD: a communication tool empowering productivity

Martin Holloway, Executive Operations Director at SGN comments: “The features of FYLD’s AI powered field service management tool is game changing for our operations. FYLD empowers our employees and gives remote managers eyes on site in real time.

“Central to the platform’s design are a set of communication features which are truly operations focussed. FYLD is perfect for consolidating all job communication from different teams, supervisors and managers into the one place. In the first year of our collaboration with FYLD, SGN realised substantial benefits. We’ve shown the potential to save 10,400 field worker hours through the visual risk assessment (VRA) feature alone, we saved £240,000 in potential fines through the platform’s easy to use evidencing features and we witnessed a 20% reduction in injuries and incidents. “FYLD understands the importance of efficient communication and how this benefits our teams out in the field. Our fieldworkers love the interactivity of the platform, and crucially, the quick turnaround time for key decisions to be made.”

Stuart Green, Maintenance Manager at Kier Highways explains the importance of FYLD’s functionality for the company: “Working with FYLD is hugely beneficial for our field teams. The digital tool has enabled our fieldworkers to save time by producing high quality video risk assessments in a fraction of the time that traditional paper-based forms require, remote managers are then notified through the app and can review and sign off in real time. The productivity gains just from that one feature alone have been enormous.

“The communication capabilities of FYLD makes it a no brainer for our managers. In addition to reviewing and signing off risk assessments in real time, FYLD helps to speed up decision making and supports remote management practices. The ease with which teams are completing handovers now is fantastic. Overall, the FYLD platform has driven amazing efficiencies across our teams.”

Want to find out more? Watch our video below to find out more about how FYLD’s AI technology and communication features result in safer, more productive field operations.