Inside FYLD Camp 2022…

At FYLD, we constantly strive to achieve the highest productivity and safety efficiencies for our customers, while providing career defining experiences for our team. We recently held our annual FYLD Camp – two days in which our team came together to problem solve client-specific challenges where we can deliver a step change in outcomes. The results were amazing. 

Our collaborative and fun-filled camp added to our toolkit of solutions, while enabling our team to get together, work in cross-functional teams and enjoy some brilliant activities.

Values for growth 

One of our most important values is our determination to keep innovating. We use a three-pronged approach to solving customers issues. Firstly, we identify the challenge, then problem solve across the team and, ultimately, provide a solution. Our objectives and key results (OKRs) are achieved through consistent and deliberate strategies like this.

This simple yet effective way of working means we get the best out of our people and the solutions we develop. 

Watch a short summary from our FYLD Camp 2022 below, in which we hear from our team and what matters most to them.

Customer spotlight

It’s not only our team that enjoyed the results of the FYLD Camp. Kyle Freeman, US & Canada Health & Safety lead at Ferrovial, benefited from our challenge, problem solving and solution based ‘hackathon’ exercises during FYLD Camp.

Kyle commented:

“At Ferrovial, we run many projects with multiple contractors deployed across them.  It is very difficult for us to know who is on site, let alone if they are complying with our requirements in respect of safety and work output reporting.  

“During the FYLD Camp ‘hackathon’, FYLD rose to the challenge of how we could rapidly understand who was on site without imposing another digital app onto our supply chain, impacting productivity. Not only did they rise to the challenge, they helped us with our messaging to our supply chain about how this solution would help them, by ensuring they were compliant with safety procedures.  

“As a result, Ferrovial is now more able to verify its contractors are working productively on our sites and – very importantly to me – that they are being provided with an absolutely cutting-edge solution to keep them safe.”

Collaborative workplace culture

At our core, we empower our employees to innovate and deliver results to our customers. FYLD Camp was a great opportunity to get together and develop our personal and professional relationships, and brainstorm ideas and progression plans for future growth.

We have nurtured key values and ethos within our team, which creates an environment for scaling at pace as well as personal development. You can read more about our approach to cultivating a positive workplace culture here.

At FYLD, we have built a team which values growth and innovation, and as a result, our diverse team of people with different skills, backgrounds and talents all helps bring a different perspective to the problem solving process for our customers.  This is core to ensuring each and every member of our team has a career defining experience, growing their careers and being rewarded for the outcomes they achieve.

Interested in joining our team? Check out our Careers page for more information on available positions.